Where do Neighborhoods Go to Die?

Ruminating on the depths of the neighborhood, graphic designer and printmaker, Gabe Ribeiro, concludes our ode with a reflection in the very mundane aspects of the city. Where do Neighborhoods Go to Die? recognizes the natural ebbs and flow of business, closures, and reopenings in Newark’s Downtown, as Ribeiro positions himself as both a witness and resident. He emphasizes that amongst this flow an “emotional ecosystem” persists and is at risk as developers prowl in the remaking of the city.

The juxtaposition of his hand-written entries and design illustrate the erasure of culture, truth, and people that are at stake amidst the disruption that is gentrification. The images with missing details echoes in his journalistic tone that is weary of the grief that will prevail as the city rapidly changes. Yet, what remains—whether it be the rubble of a building, dilapidated storefront, or an image of two young girls playing with their family, beauty and love are the foundations that build the city and are worthy of preservation.