Capturing Resistance

Capturing Resistance, follows the response to the ongoing crisis of lead contamination in Newark’s drinking water. Davis’s images reveal an art of refusal and survival within Newark’s residents. Beginning at Branch Brook Park and the Newark Water Coalition’s distribution center at St. Lucy’s Church, Davis’s reflections in these spaces instill a moral awareness that water is not only sacred but is life. Then, as he travels with crowds of protestors, community members spring into action and demand that city and government officials fix the lead-contaminated pipes. 

For Davis, the diverse and intergenerational flooding of the streets with loudspeakers, protest signs, and chants affirmed his pride in Newark. However, the longevity and reality of insufficient access to clean water that citizens face unveil a deep sorrow that lingers throughout his home. Navigating this tension between despair and perseverance, Davis’s photographs remind us that the people are alive, present, and
committed even in a crisis.